Region 8 - Northwest Colorado

Northern Boundary: Colorado-Wyoming border from Colorado Highway 125 west to the Colorado-Utah border.

Eastern Boundary: Colorado Highway 125 from the Colorado-Wyoming border south to Granby. From Granby east to Jamestown, then south to Copper Mountain

Southern Boundary: From Copper Mountain on I-70 west to Gypsum then NW to the Utah border near Rangely.

Western Boundary: Colorado-Utah border west of Rangely north to the Colorado-Wyoming border.

Regional Director: Randy Homan, Steamboat Springs

Region Members:

  • Battle Mountain (Eagle)

  • Meeker

  • Middle Park (Granby)

  • Moffat County

  • North Park (Walden)

  • Rangely

  • Steamboat Springs

  • Vail Christian

  • Vail Mountain