Region 3 - Arkansas Valley

Northern Boundary: Along a line west of Canon City proceeding east to Pinon on I-25.

Eastern Boundary: SE from Pinon to Boone, proceeding SSE to Branson near the Colorado-New Mexico border.

Southern Boundary: Colorado-New Mexico border near Branson west to the Colorado-New Mexico border just south of Culebra Peak and Purgatoire Peak.

Western Boundary: From the Colorado-New Mexico border south of Culebra Peak and Purgatoire Peak almost due north to the intersection of Colorado Highway 9 and US Highway 50.

Regional Director: Perry Gridley, Pueblo Central

Region Members:

  • Florence

  • Hoehne

  • John Mall

  • LaJunta

  • Lamar

  • Primero

  • Pueblo Centennial

  • Pueblo Central

  • Pueblo County

  • Pueblo East

  • Pueblo South

  • Pueblo West

  • Rye

  • Trinidad