Region 10 - North Central

Northern boundary: a line extending from Fort Lupton to Fort Morgan and then generally ESE to the eastern border of Colorado at US34.

Eastern boundary: a line from US34 and the CO/KS boundary south along the CO/KS border to I70

Southern boundary: a line west from I-70 at the KS border to Limon (not including Limon) then continuing to Franktown

Western boundary: a line from Franktown generally north to Fort Lupton.

Regional Director: Zachary Levine, Weld Central

Colorado 7 League Website (members marked with an *)

Region Members:

  • Alameda International *

  • Arickaree

  • Bennett

  • Byers

  • Deer Trail

  • Elizabeth *

  • Fort Lupton *

  • Fort Morgan *

  • Idalia

  • Kiowa

  • Liberty (Joes)

  • Skyview *

  • Weld Central *

  • Woodlin

  • Vista Peak